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Getting a divorce or separating can be especially difficult when children are involved. Your child’s welfare is paramount and agreeing on arrangements for them is one of the most important parts of the divorce process. McCartan Turkington Breen’s child law expert solicitors can help you through this process with a view to minimise your stress and to find the best possible solutions for your child. We offer free, transparent, confidential and no obligation initial consultations. Contact us today to arrange yours with specialist child law solicitor.

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As a parent, you will have recognised that every child is different and within a family, it would not be unusual for the children to react differently to their parent’s separation. The emotions and reactions displayed may be right across the whole gambit and will affect children differently.

Our child law solicitors can help you:

  • Divorce or end a civil partnership.
  • Agree on a child’s arrangements.
  • Negotiate financial settlements.
  • Enter a matrimonial separation agreement. 

We share your view that the needs of your child are the top priority. We can help facilitate an agreement on arrangements for children that are acceptable to everyone. Our team of child law solicitors will keep you informed on your case as it progresses and ensure you have timely and clear advice as we explore the best options for you and your children.

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We are fully transparent about our fees and you will never get a bill you were not expecting from McCartan Turkington Breen. If you require advice or the representation of a family law solicitor, contact us for a free, confidential and no-obligation consultation.


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