Values & CSR

Values and Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to you and the communities that we represent.

Learn more about the standards we hold ourselves to and the various entities we proudly sponsor and support.

Our Mission

We deliver expert legal services with a straightforward and personable approach tailored to address the specific needs of our clients in a way that sets us apart from our competitors.

Our Core Values

McCartan Turkington Breen strive to live and work by our values whilst amplifying them in our actions to both internal and external stakeholders. We are mindful of our place in the world, the impact we have and how we can make things better. Our firm remains both environmentally and culturally aware. Our actions are guided by the question: How can we help our clients, colleagues and the society in which we operate?


We are a modern law firm that embraces new technologies and thrives in the fast-paced world of law. We are legal sector thought-leaders and innovators, quick to adapt and ahead of the curve.


We hire some of the best in the legal sector. We nurture this talent content in the knowledge that the outcome will be an unrivalled service and experience for our clients.


We have a reputation for aiming high, both for ourselves and our clients. We consistently innovate, evolve and boldly march to the beat of progress. This mindset runs through the fabric of the firm. No challenge is too large. Bring it on!

Quality Management System (QMS)

The Partners of McCartan Turkington Breen are conscious of the need to:

  • Achieve, sustain and improve the quality requirements in a manner that will continually meet the stated need of the practice’s clients in a cost-effective way.
  • Provide a documented assurance to clients/interested parties that the intended level of service will be, is being and has been achieved.
  • Ensure that resources required are available and that the QMS achieves its intended results.
  • Support staff in their management roles.
  • Establish and maintain a commitment to continual improvement in quality performance, by setting and reviewing objectives and targets.
  • Comply with relevant legislation and other requirements that the practice subscribes to, in order to pursue desired quality of service.

To achieve these objectives, the Managing Partner has decided to implement a QMS conforming to the standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). You can learn more about ISO standards here.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

McCartan Turkington Breen believe in giving back to our communities. We proudly work with or sponsor several local sporting teams, events and initiatives. Each year, we carefully select one charity partner to particularly champion and support.

Our 2021 charity partner is Age NI

Age NI

Age NI is the leading charity for older people in Northern Ireland. They help thousands of people every year, providing companionship, advice and support for older people who need it most. The last year has been extremely difficult for all of us, on so many levels, and the older generation in particular has struggled immensely with the isolation and feelings of loneliness. Age NI continues to work very hard in their efforts to support the older community and we are looking forward to helping in whatever way we can.

You can learn more about AGE NI here.

In lieu of 2021 Christmas cards, we were delighted to present £500 donations to Belfast Homeless Services, Children in Crossfire and Children’s Kidney Fund NI.

We sponsor the MTB Northern Knights cricket

The MTB Northern Knights are a first-class (official classification of the highest-standard international or domestic matches) cricket team based in Belfast. The team represents Northern Cricket Union of Ireland (NCU), one of five provincial governing bodies that form Cricket Ireland. We also sponsor the MTB Emerging Knights who play in the Cricket Ireland Future Series competition, supporting the development of the next generation of players for future Senior representation.

You can learn more about MTB Northern Knights and NCU here, or by following them on Twitter @NCU_Knights for the latest updates.

We sponsor the Belfast Harlequins RFC

Belfast Harlequins RFC

Belfast Harlequins is a multi-sports club that encompasses six sporting teams that are based in Belfast. We proudly sponsor men’s, women’s and junior’s rugby and field hockey teams as well as the grounds in which they play.

You can learn more about The Belfast Harlequins RFC here, or by following them on Facebook for the latest updates.

We Sponsor Rosario FC girls team

Rosario Football Club is one of the biggest amateur clubs in Northern Ireland. We proudly sponsor the eight Rosario FC girls teams (aged 5 to 16) which consists of some of South Belfast’s most talented players.

You can learn more about Rosario FC here, or by following them on Facebook and Twitter @Rosario_YFC for the latest updates.

Environmental impact

We are conscious of our environmental impact and strive towards reducing our carbon emissions and becoming a paperless office. To mitigate operating in a sector that has roots in antiquity, we have a partnership with a local company that securely destroy and recycle the paper documents that we absolutely cannot do with out in the present time.


We are committed in our belief that disability should never be a barrier to accessing legal advice. We ensure our offices are accessible and will always make the necessary provisions required to offer our services at the highest standard to everyone, regardless of disability.

Supplier due diligence

We only utilise the products and services of suppliers that we believe are ethically sound and do not, to the best of our knowledge, engage in any practice that do not meet the standards of our supply chain. We are particularly observant towards modern slavery, human trafficking, money laundering and bribery. We will not tolerate any such actions in our supply chain and will terminate the relationship with any supplier should we discover evidence that these actions exist. Where possible, we will engage with local suppliers in an effort to better our communities for everyone in them.

Equal opportunities

We are a diverse team that work in a diverse environment and we believe we are better for it. Immutable characteristics are not, and never will be, a factor when we are expanding our supply chain or accepting instruction from clients. We are an equal opportunities employer and have adopted employment policies that show our commitment to this principle.

CSR Partners

If you would like to request support of any nature from McCartan Turkington Breen, please provide us with your written proposal containing:

  1. Your organisation’s details, mission statement and charity number if applicable.
  2. A breakdown on where financial and nonfinancial resources will be used.
  3. Any examples of visual, audio or video assets pertaining to previous or ongoing partnerships.

Please email your proposal to [email protected] with the subject line, “CSR Partnership”.

We receive a high volume of requests and are unable to support or respond to all of them. We reserve the right to choose our CSR partners at our discretion but without discrimination.