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What should I do after a cycling accident in Northern Ireland?

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What should I do after a cycling accident in Northern Ireland

Dealing with a bicycle accident in Belfast & Northern Ireland

Cyclists are among the most vulnerable road users and being involved in a bicycle accident can be a harrowing experience. Particularly when the accident involves a larger vehicle such as a car or van, it can be overwhelming. However, having a clear plan of action immediately after the accident and in the subsequent weeks can help reduce anxiety.

This article contains some important considerations for cyclists.

Immediately following the bicycle accident

Following an accident, your primary concern should be your safety and well-being. If possible, assess your surroundings and move to a safe location. Contact police and ambulance services as needed. It is often valuable to have eyewitnesses who can provide crucial information should you decide to make a claim.

Cycling accidents involving injuries

If you sustain injuries, the police will arrive at the scene and record the accident details, including the details of those involved. This could be important later if you decide to pursue a claim. However, your immediate priority should be receiving medical attention either at the scene or by going to the hospital.

Seek medical attention from your GP, as certain symptoms might not manifest until days after the accident.

Taking action after a bicycle accident

Avoid engaging with third parties representing other individuals involved in the accident. It is not uncommon for insurance companies to approach you with compensation offers before you have had the chance to seek independent legal advice. This practice, known as third-party capture, should be handled cautiously.

If you were injured and the accident was caused by another road user, you may be entitled to compensation. It is recommended to consult an independent legal professional promptly. A solicitor can protect your interests and guide you through the process.

Cycling accident claims

When recovering from injuries sustained during a traumatic event, the last thing you need is the added stress of searching for a solicitor you can trust. To alleviate this burden, it is wise to plan in advance and identify a solicitor whom you feel comfortable working with. Contact them as soon as possible after the accident.

We are experts in dealing with cycling accidents. We have one of Northern Ireland’s busiest personal injury litigation departments and thousands of local road users have trusted us with their claims. Save our number to your phone contacts today and should the worst occur, we will be on hand to advise you.

Save this 24/7 number: +44 (028) 9032 9801

The cycling claims process with McCartan Turkington Breen

If the accident was not your fault, we will start your claim by sending a letter of claim to the insurance provider of the other road user. We will then obtain your medical records and have you further examined by a medical professional. This will help us understand the extent of your injuries and we can begin to calculate how much in compensation we think you are entitled to. 

You can claim for things such as:

  • Pain, suffering and loss of amenity
  • The value of your bicycle or the repair costs
  • Loss of earnings if you are unable to work
  • The value of property damaged such as your helmet

In most instances when liability is admitted, your case will settle without the need of going to Court. We will negotiate the highest level of fair compensation available to you. However, if the other party or their insurer takes a more contentious view towards your case, we’ll put our expertise to work and use the evidence to pursue compensation in the Courts.

Should your claim be successful, you will receive compensation soon after.

Moving on following a cycling accident

Claiming for compensation following a bicycle accident is about your access to justice. At the conclusion of your case, you can begin to put the ordeal behind you and move on with your life.

Involvement in an accident is traumatic. If you find yourself struggling in the aftermath, you should raise this with your GP. You might also consider contacting Action Mental Health, a leading mental health charity in Northern Ireland.

We are experts in cycling accident claims

You can learn more about our services at Cycling Accident Claims. Alternatively, if you have been involved in an accident in the past three years, you can contact us for a free initial consultation to discuss your options.


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