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What should I do after a car accident in Northern Ireland?

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What should I do after a road traffic accident

Dealing with a road traffic accident in Belfast & Northern Ireland

We understand that involvement in a road traffic accident is terrifying and a major cause of stress. By understanding several aspects of what happens after, you might be able to reduce your anxiety should you find yourself involved in one. Here are some things you should consider after you have been involved in a road traffic accident.

The immediate aftermath of a road traffic accident

First and foremost, your safety is the number one priority immediately after an accident. You should seek medical attention for yourself and others as required. This goes without saying.

You are legally obliged to share your personal and insurance details with the other party at the scene of the accident. They must also give you their details. If you can and it is safe to do so, take photographs and video recordings of the scene of the accident, including the vehicles involved and the surrounding area. If you were injured, the subsequent days, weeks and months should be reserved for your recovery. If you are well enough not to require a hospital visit you should, at a minimum, visit your GP.

Establishing liability

In many cases the person liable for the accident is clear and perhaps they have already admitted liability. In instances where it’s contentious and there is some argument about who is at fault, we can examine the evidence and advise on how to proceed. If the person who caused the accident fled the scene, you still have options available to you. We might be able to assist you with pursuing a claim through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau.

Choose a solicitor

If someone else is liable for the accident you might be owed compensation. To start the claims process you must choose a solicitor that you feel has the skill and experience to act on your behalf. We are one of Northern Ireland’s leading road accident claims solicitors. We are known for our no-nonsense and personable approach in the pursuit of compensation and are available to represent you if you need us. We would recommend contacting a solicitor as soon as possible following an accident. We offer a free, no-commitment initial consultation. Contact Us if you would like to book yours. 

It would be advisable to know which firm of solicitors to contact prior to ever having need of one. This way, researching the best local firms is one less thing to worry about if you’re unfortunate enough to become involved in a car accident.

Save this 24/7 number to your Phone Contacts today: +44 (028) 9032 9801

Claiming for road traffic accident compensation

We will start your claim by sending a letter of claim to the insurance provider of the other driver. We will then obtain your medical records and have you further examined by a medical professional. This will help us understand the extent of your injuries and we can begin to calculate how much in compensation we think you are entitled to.  We will also help you get your vehicle repaired or replaced and get you a hire car in the meantime. There are several other types of special damages we can get you on a case-by-case basis. For example, loss of earnings payments if you had to take time off work and compensation for property damaged in the accident.

In most instances when liability is admitted, your case will settle without a need of going to court. We will negotiate the highest level of fair compensation available to you. However, if the other driver or their insurer takes a more contentious view towards your case, we’ll put our expertise to work and use the evidence to pursue compensation in the Courts.

Should your claim be successful, you will receive compensation for your pain and suffering soon after. You will also receive the special damages you are also entitled to that were mentioned previously.

The final steps

Claiming for compensation following an accident on the roads is about your access to justice. At the conclusion of your case, you can begin to put the ordeal behind you and move on with your life.

If you had an accident in the past three years, contact us without delay for a free, no-obligation and confidential discussion with a road accident claims solicitor. You can learn more about our services at Road Traffic Accident Claims.


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